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Sierra '01: Different!
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Last updated 21 July 2001

The Sierra 2001 North Fork Kings River Expedition is in the books! It was a strong workout that began in difficult weather, but by the fifth day the skies were non-threatening if not always 100 percent clear. It was a great event that set set several personal bests or firsts - I only wish the fishing gear had come along!

Total distance was approximately 70 miles, with 45-plus on trails to and from the Portal Lake area. Ten more were cross-country or on rough paths with packs on, and three day-hikes added another fifteen miles. Here are the rough daily stats:

Day 1 trailhead to Chimney Lake11 mi
Day 2 to Halfmoon Lake7 mi
Day 3 below Portal Lake6 mi
Day 4 x-c to Hummingbird Lake5 mi
Day 5 day-hike to Blue Cyn Pass7 mi
Day 6 x-c to Pearl Lake6 mi
Day 7 day-hike to Valor Pass8 mi
Day 8 to Crown Creek12 mi
Day 9to a different trailhead?!?10 mi

panorama from ridge above Camp III

START - Day Zero