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Welcome to Jim's Home Page!
Last update: 14 Feb '01

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Jim's Own Web Pages
ASTRONOMY PAGES: minor planets, comets, and local sites
WEATHER PAGE: current maps, models and text files focused on the Pacific NW
Requires frame-capable browser to behave properly..
BACKPACKING PAGES: trip recaps, tips and favorite things
BEER NOTES: adventures in nano-brewing
PHOTO GALLERY: hikes, astronomy, family (scanned images) Digital Images!

Weather Links
Every site presents its data differently, so it's worth looking about until one finds an enjoyable site.
Current radar/satellite images for the Northwest! NWS PDX
Nat'l Weather Svc. KOIN local weather Oregon forecast yesterday at PDX
Unisys Weather Univ. of Wyoming Univ. of Michigan Oregon State Univ.

Astronomy Links
Local, national and international astro-sites.. at least the ones I visit!
Astronomy Mall: a listing of companies with astronomical products IDSA
Moon-phase and Jovian-moon charts
Rose City Astronomers Oregon Star Party Sky Online:
S&T magazine
ASTRONOMY magazine
Digitized Sky Survey NASA Jet Propulsion Lab European Space Agency 'Subaru' - 'Gemini'
Astronomical League Table Mt. Star Party Hubble Images AstroMart - classified ads!
Mel Bartels' Page ngc253's Image Page Swayze Optical Star*Stuff

Other Science Links
What's shaking, around here(Mt. Hood), where I hike (Long Valley, CA) and elsewhere?
USGS recent quakes in CA/NV map Cascade Volc