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All About Jim [more or less]

Jim is a lifelong resident of Portland, Oregon who stays young by counting his age in Martian years [where he'll soon be 24!]. He's the youngest of five children, and parents and siblings all live in the Pacific Northwest.

Jim has enjoyed the sky since childhood. His seventh-grade science project was astronomy, and he focused on meteorology in eighth grade. Despite this he mutated into an economist, graduating from Portland State in early 1980. He has worked at Bonneville Power since September of that year.

For entertainment, his recent pursuits have included golf, backpacking, and amateur astronomy. His best golf round was a surprising 79 [he blames himself]. Jim has visited the Sierra Nevada several times and Wyoming's Wind River Range twice, and is always planning a few more trips before he or his gear wears out. Jim has ground and polished several telescope mirrors, finally finished a 22-inch monster in mid-1997, and has a few more projects under way at all times (currently involving a 13-inch slab of Pyrex). Needless to say, computers also absorb some of his time... the latest incarnation is a built-from-scratch K6-500 system.

A new interest began on the last day of 1998, when he went to the local shop and brewed my first batch of beer! Several more tasty ones followed - highly acclaimed by family and friends - and three hop-vines are now growing in the yard. The Tettnanger crops have been especially aromatic...

Jim has served on the board of the Rose City Astronomers and the Oregon Star Party, sponsors of one of the largest gatherings of amateurs on the west coast. It is held during the August new-moon weekend, but occasionally lands in September. His home page has links to many astronomy sites, weather resources, and a few odds and ends that seemed appropriate at the time [around midnight I believe]. He has also created several pages of his own, including narratives, images, minor-planet data and this one. Enjoy the tour!

Fond memories..

High Points 1973 summit of Mt. Hood OR 11250'
1979 Lizard Head trail - Wind River Range WY 11880'
1989 Pinchot Pass - Sierra Nevada CA 12100'
+3 daysTrail Crest13700'
1997Hopkins Pass11400' the hard way!
1998 Lizard Head trail, 19 years later!11880'
1999-00Lamarck Col -- in consecutive years!12900'
Best Views 1979 Lonesome LakeWind River Range, Wyoming
1979 View from Lizard Head trailWind River Range
1981 Buck Creek PassGlacier Peak Wilderness, Washington
1989 Rae LakesSierra Nevada, California
1996 Selden PassSierra Nevada
1997 just north of Mono PassSierra Nevada
1997 Silver PassSierra Nevada
1998 Mt. Hooker from Grave LakeWind River Range
1999 Cataract Creek PassSierra Nevada
1969 First telescopic view of Saturn home
1970 comet Bennetthome
1979 total solar eclipsenear Pine Grove, OR
1979 Perseid meteor shower Barview, OR
1984 First light with homemade 10-inch scopehome
1988 Perseid meteors from 7000'above Green Lakes, OR
1989 star shining through Saturn's ringsPine Mt, OR
1991 first view of Jupiter through finished 141/2" scope home
1993 all-night lightning storms at Oregon Star Party Ochoco Mts.
1994 First look through Steve's 40" Telescope Kah-Nee-Ta
1995 First event for 22" telescopeOchoco Mts.
1996 comet Hyakutake from a dark site!!Yale Lake, WA
1997 comet Hale-Bopp from a dark site!!Tygh Ridge, OR

Other Big Deals - -

Grueling Columbia Gorge day-hike: Eagle Creek - Benson Plateau - Ruckel Creek!
Sierra Nevada '89: seventy miles in seven days, over 13000' elevation!
Three Rivers #13, holed out approach shot for my second eagle!
Making telescope mirrors from scratch - now working on number five!
May 21 1997: first round of golf under 80!! [yeah, it was 79 - but I birdied #18!]
August '97: climb up a 50-plus-degree snowfield to Hopkins Pass without ice-gear (WOW!)
August '98: flashback tour of Wyoming's Wind River Range
August '99: three cross-country passes in three days!!

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