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Ambition Meets Granite:
the 1999 Sierra Expedition

As of 20 August '99


Here are some of the greatest hits of the trip. Sadly, my 35mm camera began to fail without a hint, beginning on day seven. At least it waited until the Muir Trail to die, implying that a less strenuous tour could replace some images at a future time. On the other hand, I don't plan to re-do Lamarck Col, and Muir Pass may never be this snow-free again, so many unique shots cannot be replaced. I sure hope Scott's camera was working at Lamarck Col!

Looking NE to Taboose Pass and Cardinal Mt. Arrow Peak, Bench Lake in trees at left, and the South Fork Kings Above the largest lake south of Cartridge Pass
Jim at Cartridge Pass Lake Basin from below Dumbbell Pass (scroll right..) View SW from Dumbbell Pass: Marion Peak
View NE from Dumbbell Pass: North Palisade group Dumbbell Pass from Cataract Pass Palisades from Cataract Pass
Shallow lake SE of Amphitheater Lake Our approximate route down from Cataract Pass Cataract Creek below Amphitheater Lake
Little Pete Meadow, LeConte Canyon Camp six and the Black Giant (one of the last good photos)
My 35mm camera failed on days 7 and 8 - the following images were heavily corrected in the computer!
Muir Hut, looking south at Muir Pass (from video) Sunrise over the largest lake on Darwin Bench Mts. Darwin and Mendel from Lamarck Col -
this looks like it was taken in 1899!
Reprints from Scott.. Taboose Pass
climbing above Big Pete Meadow campsite on Darwin Bench Jim at Lamarck Col!

Techical X-C details!!

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