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Ambition Meets Granite:
the 1999 Sierra Expedition


planning and driving

Day One - Taboose trail to ~10000 feet

Day Two - over Taboose Pass to JMT at South Fork Kings, then downstream

Day Three - over Cartridge Pass to northern L-shaped lake

Day Four - over Dumbbell Lakes Pass to near northern narrow lake

Day Five - over Cataract Pass and down to Deer Meadow, then to Middle Fork Kings

Day Six - up Middle Fork to highest trees at second lake below Helen

Day Seven - over Muir Pass to below Evolution Lake, then to Darwin Bench

Day Eight - over Lamarck Col to North Lake, by car to Jack's for steak dinner

yet another summary..

For those who want to know in some detail how we traveled
from the South Fork to Deer Meadow, and what we would change
next time, click here!

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spreadsheet of elevation vs. mileage, with camps

CHECK THIS PAGE for updates! This version posted 20Aug 99
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