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Evolution Valley Tour

We found a nice motel in Bishop, then sped northward to Medford the following day. We detoured into Mammoth Lakes on the way, then had a quick meal in Bridgeport. I convinced them to take the road north out of town, which would return us to US 395 at the CA/NV border. It was a beautiful route, with the East Walker River and the Sweetwater Mountains showing off along the route. The surprise of the drive was in the middle of nowhere, in sagebrush and scrub willow country: a milticolored black bear loped along the side of the road, setting a good pace as we slowed down and scrambled for cameras. Just as Larry and I got set (Julie was driving at the time), he crossed the road and crashed into the shrubbery. Of all the places to see a bear, this was among the least likely!

We had heard that Oregon was receiving some welcome rain, and as we approached Susanville the clouds appeared, looking more menacing than usual. In fact this was no storm at all, but smoke from a rapidly-growing fire in the Feather River canyon (this would still be burning when I wrote this, a week after Labor Day). The sky turned brown, the sun a shade of crimson - but in an hour we had passed through the smoke and back into the clear.

Peggy welcomed us back to Oregon even though it was after 10:30 when we reached her. Tom had taken Sara to a SF Giants game and was not home yet, so we filled Peg in on out adventures before turning in. Sunday was a tedious but straightforward drive home.


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