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Preliminary data for White Divide Tour!

Here are some images to ponder while sketching out a tour of the White Divide...
Four maps, courtesy of!

Two maps stitched together, showing the ridge from Scepter Lake to Crown Basin - promising x-c route? 284k

Wide-field map of the Blackcap Basin and vicinity, showing nearly all the x-c possibilities! 248k

Close-up of the Finger Peak area, including Blue Canyon Pass and Finger Col. 98k

Close-up of the Mt. Reinstein area, including Martha Lake (top), Reinstein Pass and Valor Pass. 99k

Topo! program outputs
(recall that topo miles, or t-miles, chronically understate mileage on the ground..)

elevation profile for Rancheria-Crown Basin-Blackcap Basin-Crown Pass-Rancheria loop (no crossing to Goddard Creek)

Topo! loop graphic. 130k

Topo! route data file