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In Praise of the
Last-Quarter Moon

Whenever I see a setting last-quarter moon, I flash back to more than one backpacking scene. I know for a fact that, on several occasions, I have hiked during other moon phases - 1989's waning crescent over camp one comes to mind - yet more often than not, that half-moon has been keeping me company in the mornings. Here are a few images to prove the point.

The 1996 trip features an image from French Canyon, below Pine Creek Pass; the moon continued to scrape the high ridge of Merriam Peak as I climbed toward the pass, accompanied by the muted roar of the huge waterfall/rapids falling from Royce Lakes.
In '98, my western horizon was the Cirque of the Towers, where the shades of grey from the Moon and Cirque complimented each other nicely.
The '99 trip hung the moon over the High Sierra again, with the South Fork Kings posing nicely in the foreground.