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How Long Could You Hike With Me?
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While it's easy to say that people are compatible over the internet, it can't hurt to know more facts before diving in. If you assume that all web conversations are at best half-truths, stop now and zap yourself elsewhere.

The following traits describe my tendencies, typical days, and demeanor on the trail. Keep these in mind before deciding a week with me sounds like a good time!

A Perfect Day?

I guess I would wake up just before dawn and capture a spectacular sunrise photo, eat my oatmeal &cocoa-mocha breakfast and head out by 8AM. With short pauses to shoot the scenery and an occasional 10-minute break, I would make miles toward my goal at a decent but not frantic pace. Unless the view were truly riveting, luch would last 1/2 hour or less. By 4PM my goal would be in sight, leaving time to see the neighborhood, do necessary cleaning and cook up dinner. At twilight I would watch the stars come out, check for meteors until just before I get chilly, then crawl in for the night. Every third day, camp would be up earlier so I could wash and air-dry my clothes (and self). Of course, it would be a sunny and bug-free day, with a few friendly people met along the way, and a valley to myself at night.